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About us

XSIZED is an online retailer providing competitive prices on Erotic Lingerie.

Founded by curvy queens for curvy queens.

Coming from a family of beautiful curvy women and being XSIZED   , We became tired of not finding sexy lingerie either than a “thong” and a tiny matching dress, so we set it upon ourselves to find lingerie that will not only make us feel sexy but confident and powerful every day. Once we found it , we decided to share it with women like us throughout the world giving birth to XSIZED 

We believe that it is very important for every woman to have an opportunity to look amazing and feel sexy in lingerie despite their size, how they look or how society labels them. We want to help women like us celebrate their beauty; we want to help you embrace your curves and ultimately celebrate yourself.

Whether you looking for something fun, naughty or nice, XSIZED is the place to find it. 

Not only do we encourage sexiness and beauty, we also obsess over Confidence so we named our pieces after your alter ego to help you channel the SEXY, POWERFUL, CURVACEOUS and more CONFIDENT you.

Go ahead and start shopping, Your Alter Ego Awaits You.

XSIZED is a division of GIRL OBSESSIONS 

Enterprise Number: 2018/514023/07



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